17 Aug 2011

Before sleep

I cannot sleep,why must us being like this?i'm trying to let you go but i can't!
our heart and emotions it is very difficult to understand,pless ya allah i can't handdle it alone.
Are this the punishmen dat u gave for me?
yaa i know i'm make a mistakes but i'll promise dat i won't do dat the stupid
thing again :'( only u know what i feel and what i'ev want allah :'( 
i miss him so badly and i want us like before (insyallah)
He always come and go without say annythng :( 
he said dat he miss me then... hmp k 
Why arr i cnnt MOVE ON???pdhal he didn't  even care bout me anymore!
honestly my heart keep on remaind
me dat for wait until the perfect day,time dat he will tell the truth to you eqa
he will tell u evrythng bout what 
he want,what he hate's and what he want to say to you.
so keep on praying for u,him and both of u kaay ..
is so sad when i wanna telling him dat 
im not going out of malaysia and blablablab and blaa.
i cannot share my happiness with him like before but hmp pitty 
on me cuz now both of us not being together anymore,
only god know what i feel.smpai bila la kan :'(
when i miss him i always 
look and read all our pass message's,bbm-ing conversation,our anniversary our monthsry
 and note dat i saved
at my blackberry note's
 ahaha am i stupid cuz still saved all the message's ?? 
huhu sorry i really2 love 
that guy so much,
if he wanna kasi lupa me?
sokey silakan but me?im sorry i cannot do it cuz why?
cuz i really2 
love you so much.
sokey lah 
"kalau ada jodoh nda akan kemana juga tu kan?" 
auw i slalu ksi remaind him 
but he always answer me 
"tapi kita masih boleh USAHA KAN?"
but knp sekarang kita tdk blh usaha ?????
or mayB u mmg sdh benci and dnt want me in ur life ?
but itu dulu dan sekarang lain kan ?
hmpp im sorry saya over lah pula,but this is what i feel,and dis is
my blog so heheh i just type what i think and what i wanna say and share to you 
and as he know's i love him and i miss him so badly.dats all.kbye :'(

                               berkurun lmanya but i still saved it :'(    

hahaha,ini message buat saya ketawa sbb lucu,
thanks shue sbb qau slalu ada bila aqu mau meluah
,thanks lot k :)

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